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KB-7046: "Code submission failed, check if your device time is right" error displayed when Mobile Authenticator is used for MFA challenge

App Access Service ,  

22 June,16 at 03:23 PM


When presented with MFA challenge on a mobile device and a user selects to use the Centrify Mobile Authenticator option within the Centrify mobile app, an error may be displayed when "Approve" is selected. Subsequently, the MFA challenge will fail as displayed in the following images.

             User-added image    

Once the request is submitted, the User will receive a notification on the mobile device.

User-added image         User-added image

  When "Approve" is selected, the challenge will fail.

          User-added image

The mobile device may also display an error stating "Code submission failed, check if your device time is right" as well.

Note: that this error on the mobile device may go unnoticed, as it only appears very briefly.

          User-added image


The above error may be displayed if the mobile device time & date settings are not accurate. This may happen if not using automatic time sync with mobile carrier or alternate time server.


To resolve this error, the mobile device time/date settings should be updated to accurately reflect the correct local time & date. Depending on the model phone / tablet in use, there may be various ways of correcting this. Normally, resetting the Time & Clock setting to use Network time (or some similar configuration name and parameter) will correct the problem and will begin working as expected once fixed.

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