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KB-7036: Nested execution of the DirectAudit shell 257 levels deep error message

Auditing and Monitoring Service ,   Authentication Service ,  

17 June,16 at 09:25 PM

Applies to:  

Centrify DirectAudit 2.0.2 on All OS Platforms


Customer may see the following messages when running one of the following command:

$ dzdo /bin/su - <ADusername>
$ grep nest /var/log/messages |tail

Nov 5 09:13:25 srxblrpaact99 cda.dash[13774]: ERROR: DirectAudit was run as /bin/bash and determined that the real shell to run is /bin/bash.daudit, however execution of /bin/bash.daudit has caused a nested execution of the DirectAudit shell 257 levels deep. DirectAudit will now provide an emergency prompt. Please use this prompt to either replace /bin/bash.daudit with a known good shell binary (for instance: from media, backups or network), or to manually disable auditing. Note that as auditing for /bin/bash is currently broken, it is recommended that you avoid execution of any scripts which are interpreted by bash. 


The message above refers to recursive call to a shell.  If the number of levels of call exceed 257 levels, DirectAudit treads it as an error.  This could happen if DirectAudit has something wrong and keep calling into itself.  The call to the shell can be frequent (more than 257 levels).  


Increase the number of allowed levels by adding/modifying the following parameter in /etc/centrifydc/centrifydc.conf:

dash.maxExecDepth : 1000

Save the file and run:

# adreload


Upgrade to the latest version of Centrify DirectControl and Centrify DirectAudit.  The latest release is available on Centrify Download Centre.