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KB-7001: MD5 hashes for DirectControl-Enabled putty.exe and pscp.exe versions

Authentication Service ,  

15 June,16 at 01:07 PM

Applies to DirectControl-Enabled PuTTY

Is there a list of MD5 hashes for Centrify PuTTY versions for PuTTY.exe and PSCP.exe?

PuTTY 4.5.4 MD5 hashes:
pscp.exe: e0f39c2ef3ba4e5b9aed1566cb519369
putty.exe: 8b662b997a6a82dd5f9c419f8da98774

PuTTY 5.1.3 MD5 hashes:
pscp.exe: 30cfb8cbee1b41a749c22256e2f08581

putty.exe: 19c42c849b4d4b22ec31bb7abe2280e5

PuTTY 5.1.4 MD5 hashes:
pscp.exe: 2784c6d86fa5559857a7fb98ce5b87c7

putty.exe: 73fd37f67d75a40c8a374f070dcbb8fd

PuTTY 5.1.5 MD5 hashes:
pscp.exe: 12553609a77d66ba06a35dd5e385b88e
putty.exe: 13432a26a5be857c2be901652509138a

PuTTY 5.1.6 MD5 hashes:
pscp.exe: 0d706db2237187ec047ea67286916c5e
putty.exe: a9dcd3392ff6eb3a24bd83984bdbebb5

PuTTY 5.1.7 MD5 hashes:
pscp.exe: b09d30234d8f8de7cb61e8f05414142a
putty.exe: 8fc7feea83ec293d9cddcabcd29ab72f

PuTTY 5.1.8 MD5 hashes:
pscp.exe: 73bfdc56813b4adb682b58ba78b16f10
putty.exe: 03dd02e233657c41f2bfda830bd6c63f

PuTTY 5.1.9 MD5 hashes:
pscp.exe: 3984be37c4624a3347a95ca2f4337d58
putty.exe: 6b536e693bf3e6c0801a592062625084

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