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KB-6983: All Centrify roles a user belongs to is sending to AWS when launching AWS SAML app

App Access Service ,  

4 October,16 at 12:26 PM

Applies to:  All versions of Centrify Identity Service, App Edition


When user launches the AWS SAML app in Centrify User Portal, all Centrify roles the user belongs to is showing on the AWS page for selection as below:

Is there any way to show only any AWS-related role?



This is the sample script that use to filter out the non-AWS roles.

var roleNames = LoginUser.RoleNames;
var attrArray = new Array();
var accountNumber = CorpIdentifier.replace(/[- ]/g, '');
for (var i=0; i < roleNames.Length; i++)
  if (roleNames[i].indexOf("AWS") != -1) {
    var v = 'arn:aws:iam::' + accountNumber + ':role/' + roleNames[i] + ',arn:aws:iam::' + accountNumber + ':saml-provider/Centrify';
setAttributeArray('', attrArray);

With this SAML script, only role(s) whose name contains "AWS" will be sent to AWS in the SAML attribute '', and thus, e.g. only "Centrify-AWS-Admin-Test" will be showing in the above screenshot after modifying the SAML script.

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