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KB-6925:.Receiving an MFA challenge periodically from a Centrify Privilege Service (CPS) resource configured with a managed account and Server Suite MFA.

30 June,16 at 11:34 PM

Applies To:

Centrify Privilege Service version 16.4 


An MFA challenge is being sent to a user over a configured option (for example a mobile device) periodically as often as every 30 minutes when it is added as a resource in Centrify Privilege Service(CPS) with a managed account and the machine is also configured for MFA via Centrify Server Suite (CSS). What is the cause and is there a way to avoid repeated MFA requests? 


With Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) configured via CSS,  
  1.  The CPS cannot  “manage” the password for an account that is configured to be managed in CPS.  This is not supported.
  2.  For  unmanaged CPS accounts,  health check is done periodically  via “SSH” into the machine using the unmanaged account , hence triggering the MFA challenge notification for approve/deny access. This is a known issue.

As a fix for the issue , there is an option exposed at the resource in CPS.  This will allow the user to opt out the health check for unmanaged account. By default, the health check is ON. So the workaround with the current CPS design when MFA is turned ON in CSS is to make sure that the
  1.   Account is unmanaged.
  2.   Resource is set to not to do the health check.

Centrify will address this in the future release of Centrify Privilege Service.

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