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KB-6865 "Redirect URI found in the request is not trusted or valid" message when trying to enroll a device to Cloud

Centrify Identity Service, App Edition ,  

12 August,16 at 03:05 AM

Applies to: Centrify Identity Service 16.x

Problem: When enrolling a mobile device / Mac, Google Directory Users may receive an error, "Redirect URI found in the request is not trusted or valid"

Error Message

Resolution: Because of the redirect back to Google for authentication, to enroll Google Directory Users' mobile devices / Mac, Administrators will need to make a few changes for Users with Google Directory as their Directory Source. To correct this issue on mobile devices, on the Centrify app, make the following updates:
  1. Update Sign In URL to Tenant Specific URL. To do this, on the Centrify app, click User-added image and then click "Login URL." Click to edit and accept warning. Update this to your tenant specific URL in place of ""

       User-added image     User-added image

      2. Next, remove the option for "Cert pinning." This is done in the Centrify app settings, under "Server Authentication." Uncheck "Enable Cert Pinning" which should disable both options.

       User-added image
Once these changes have been made, close and restart Centrify app and then log in using your Google Directory Username and password.
To correct this issue on Mac, change the login URL to your tenant specific URL as shown below:

User-added image
User-added image

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