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KB-6863: Failed to add Master Auditor (RPC server unavailable)

4 May,16 at 01:41 PM

Applies to:

All versions of Centrify DirectAudit Management components (Audit Manager / Audit Analyzer) on all platforms


When attempting to add a user to the Master Auditor (or other) role within Centrify DirectManage Audit Manager, an error occurs reflecting the following:

System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x800706BA): The RPC server is unavailable. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BA) 
        at Centrify.Cfw.Windows.ObjectPicker.IDsObjectPicker.Initialize(DSOP_INIT_INFO& pInitInfo) 
        at Centrify.Cfw.Windows.ObjectPicker.ShowDialog(IWin32Window parent) 
        at Centrify.DirectAudit.AdminConsole.Mmc.Nodes.AuditRoleNode.OnAssignMember() 
        at Centrify.DirectAudit.AdminConsole.Mmc.Nodes.AuditRolesNode.OnAddAuditRole() 
        at Centrify.Cfw.Windows.MMCLib.DataObjectHelper.HandleMultiSelectDataObject(IDataObject dataObject, Action`1 multiSelectFunc, Action`1 singleSelectFunc) 
        at Centrify.Cfw.Windows.MMCLib.SnapinBase.Command(Int32 lCommandID, IntPtr piDataObject) 

This may occur when the console attempts to open an "Object Picker" dialogue where you will select the target user. This issue is most commonly encountered when SQL is housed on a separate server from the management console and RPC ports are not opened between the two hosts.


Open the necessary RPC ports: 139/TCP, 445/TCP, 137/UDP, 138/UDP
Alternatively, enable 'File and Printer Sharing' within Windows which will configure the firewall rules for you (assuming local firewall).

Reference(provided as a courtesy):

Why are RPC ports required and standard SQL ports insufficient for this functionality?

The answer to this is two-part:
1) The Audit Manager and Audit Analyzer consoles only support Windows Authentication.

2) In this scenario, the consoles are merely mediators between the logged-in user and the SQL server. Given this, we need to ensure that any new user being 'added or assigned permission to' has login capabilities to the SQL server using Windows Authentication. (eg. When adding a new user to an audit role, we need to validate users from the SQL server's domain as well as users from domains trusted by the SQL server's domain within the "Object Picker" dialogue.) The only method to accomplish this validation is by utilizing RPC to open the "Object Picker" as if it were being opened locally on the SQL server itself. In order to make this complicated communication possible, certain ports must be open on the SQL server (Microsoft requirement).

Note: If RPC ports cannot be opened in the environment, the workaround is to install the Centrify DirectAudit Management tools on the SQL server itself. This will negate the requirement for RPC ports to be opened.

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