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KB-6771: Configuring ZPA to Remove Unwanted Characters from Unix Login Names

Authentication Service ,  

26 September,16 at 11:52 PM


Can Zone Provisioning Agent (ZPA) be configured to remove unwanted, special characters from the Unix Login Name?  For example, the account in the image below is for the user Bugs Bunny.

User-added image
The sAMAccountName attribute for Bugs Bunny is #bbunny,  The ZPA is configured to use the sAMAccountName attribute as the unix name when it creates a zone profile.  
User-added image
Since the '#' (hash mark) is a special character in Unix, it cannot be used in the Unix login name. Is there a way to configure ZPA to replace or remove the unwanted character in the zone profile?


1) On the Zone Provisioning Tab, select the gear icon next to the Login name input box
The ZPA can be configured to remove / replace unwanted characters.
User-added image

2) The UNIX Name Settings dialog box appears:
User-added image

Here the ZPA can be configured to delete any invalid character or replace the character with an underscore.  In this example, the # will be removed from the unix login name
3) Rerun zone provisioning either by stopping and restart, or by using the zoneupdate command.

4) Check the zone profile after ZPA has run to verify the result.
User-added image