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KB-6697: How to redirect Users to Google Mail instead of the default Google Apps dashboard

App Access Service ,   App Gateway Service ,  

27 April,16 at 05:03 PM


How can I direct my Users to their Google Mail, or other Google services, rather than their Google Apps for Work dashboard which is used by default upon App Launch?


Google, as the Service Provider, decides where the User will land once they authenticate to the log in page on the Google website. Administrators will see different options than End Users. In order to send the User to the page you prefer, such as Google Mail, you will need to create a Custom Bookmark app, and use the URL specific to your account with Google.

Note: Using the normal URL in a Bookmark app will not provide SSO log in.

Perform the following steps to create a customer bookmark app:

1. Complete set up of Google Apps for Work (SAML+ provisioning), including User assignment and provisioning. Instructions here
2. Next, create a new Bookmark App. (Centrify Cloud Manager>Apps>Add Web Apps>Custom>Bookmark)
3. For the app, use the following url format; (ie:

           User-added image

4. Be sure to update the icon and Description, to show the icon and information you wish to present to your Users.
5. On the User Access tab, add the same Roles as the primary Google Apps for Work (SAML+Provisioning) is assigned to.
     (In order for SSO to work, they will need both Apps.)
6. Once the Bookmark is complete and deployed to the User base, you can next hide the Google Apps for Work (SAML+ Provisioning) app,
     so that Users are not tempted to click this App tile instead of the new Bookmark. This step is optional, but recommended.
7. On the Google Apps for Work (SAML + Provisioning) app, on the Application Settings section, scroll to the bottom and select
     "Additional Options" and uncheck "Show in User app list" to hide from the Users.
         User-added image

When users click the new Bookmark app, they will be taken to their Google mail. Users will still be redirected to Centrify for authentication
during log in to Google directly using SP-initiated authentication.


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