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KB-6696: Receive error message 'Some data in this session is missing' when try to replay DA session

Centrify DirectAudit ,  

12 April,16 at 02:32 PM

Applies to: All versions of Centrify DirectAudit (exclude CDA 1.x)


A session in Audit Analyzer console is 'unavailable' to be reviewed / updated. 
While trying to replay this session in Audit Analyzer console, error message ''Some data in this session is missing. Please contact your system administrator'' will prompt. 
User-added image


This issue happens when console cannot find the head (i.e. first) record of the session, it will disable updating the review status and show its current value as 'unavailable'. 
* This is the only use case which will end up showing the 'unavailable' review status for completed sessions

When a session starts (i.e. user logs onto a unix machine), the head record of the session is created in currently active Audit Store database. If the active Audit Store database is changed while this session is still active, it ends up splitting the session into two databases.

The issue comes when the database which contains the head record of the session is detached. The console then fails to find head record and hence shows two errors:
error#1 - Dialog box that shows the 'session data is missing' 
error#2 - Shows session's current review status as 'unavailable'.


Re-attach the old database which contained the head record of the session.
Once the old DB is re-attached, the console should be able to stitch the session data together and review status can be changed again. 


Keep the databases attached to the Audit Store, this should not create any issues.

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