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KB-6548: How to redirect Centriy DirectAudit directory to a location other than the default /var/centrifyda

Auditing and Monitoring Service ,  

12 April,16 at 10:39 AM

Applies to:

All versions of Centrify DirectAudit on all platforms


By default, Centrify DirectAudit use /var/centrifyda to store offline spool and status files.  Could this be redirected to a different location and if it could, how?


The following are the steps to redirect DirectAudit to use an alternate working directory
  1. Be sure that the "new directory" is on a filesystem that is mounted early on during boot process and must before Centrify DirectControl and DirectAudit are started.
  2. Be sure "" parameter in /etc/centrifyda/centrifyda.conf is commented out (i.e. use default /var/centrifyda)
  3. Disable LAM/NSS by running "dacontrol -d"
  4. Stop DirectAudit.  For example in AIX, use "stopsrc -s centrifyda"
  5. Copy everything in /var/centrifyda to the new data directory (for example /audit/dadir) and preserve all attributes, permissions and ownerships of files and directories.
  6. Save the current data directory just in case - rename /var/centrifyda to /var/centrifyda.sav
  7. Create a symlink to the new data directory.  For example "ln -s /audit/dadir /var/centrifyda"
  8. Restart DirectAudit.  For example in AIX, use "startsrc -s centrifyda"
  9. Re-enable LAM/NSS by running "dacontrol -e"
Note: setting parameter “”  in /etc/centrifyda/centrifyda.conf  file will have negative unexpected outcome so please do not attempt to use it.  Also, this parameter will be deprecated in the future releases.

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