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KB-6464: Collectors unable to connect to SQL Express 2014 databases

29 June,16 at 09:49 PM

Applies to: 

All supported DirectAudit Collector on all supported platform running SQL Server Express 2014. 


Collectors do not connect to SQL Express 2014 databases which have 4GB of used space. Setting the registry key, HKLM\Software\Centrify\DirectAudit\Collector\AuditStoreFullThreshold, to 0 does not resolve the issue. Logs may include entries similar to the following: 
[2016-02-12 15:16:48.378 -0600] collector.exe[16688,5] Verbose: CollectorServer.IsAuditStoreFull: db: AUditStoreName max: 524288 used: 524552  available: -264 threshold: 0


Microsoft SQL Server Express has a maximum enforced size limit of 4GB for 2008 and 10 GB for 2008 R2 and later. Please note this is enforced by SQL server, not by Centrify. 
There is an issue with collector code where it miscalculates audit store database size limit. Because of this, it incorrectly limits the database size to 4 GB instead of the intended limit of 10 GB. This is specific to the SQL Express edition and it does not occur to other editions of SQL servers. 


Perform database rotations before databases reach 4 GB in size or upgrade SQL server to a non-Express edition. 
This issue has been fixed in Server Suite 2016.1. 

Please note that Centrify does not recommend using SQL Express to host DirectAudit databases for production deployment unless the number of audited systems is very small.