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KB-6400: Unable to set Environment variable using DZDO as root

Authentication Service ,  

12 April,16 at 10:39 AM

Applies to:
CDC version 5.2.3 on All Platforms

Unable to set Environment variable using DZDO as root

root@angmar:~$ dzdo LD_LIBRARY_PATH=ahooo/wahooo ls
>dzdo: sorry, you are not allowed to set the following environment variables: LD_LIBRARY_PATH


In current dzdo codes, upon the default hard-coded env_* lists, 
we always update by appending the dzcmd/dzdo.env_* data to them, not replacing.


For such lists settings, do clear then add rather than append.
Note: for sudoers: the lists can be replaced, added to, deleted from, or disabled 
by using the =, +=, -=, and ! operators respectively.
we support only as '=' now after this fix, and support as '+=' before.

In Suite 2016 release, the customizing environment variables for command execution through dzdo commands settings or centrifydc.conf options, the listed set values replaces the existing list rather than be added onto them in prior releases. Please note this may affect the current dzdo use, for example, if a machine has centrifydc.conf option 'dzdo.env_keep' set as 'dzdo.env_keep: VAR', then now only 'VAR' is in the list to be kept, all others in the default list such as 'PATH', 'KRB5CCNAME' will be removed. User may need to check and update them for this.
Note that only the environment variables you explicitly specify are retained and those environment variables will replace the default set of environment variables, rather than append the default set of environment variables. You can use Access Manager or dzdo.env_* configuration parameters in the centrifydc.conf file to control the list of environment variables to use when executing commands. For example, you can set the dzdo.env_keep configuration parameter in the centrifydc.conf file to keep a specific set of environment variables like this: dzdo.env_keep: VAR 
With this setting, only the VAR environment variable is defined for the list of environment variables to keep. All other environment variables, including the default list of user environment variables—such as PATH and KRB5CCNAME—are removed.