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KB-6317: Audit Manager Console cannot connect to new DA installation with License Exception

Centrify DirectAudit ,  

23 February,16 at 07:40 PM

Applies to:

Centrify DirectManage Audit Manager Console 2.0.2 (Suite 2012) on All Versions of Windows


With DirectAudit Audit Manager 2.0.2-184 (Suite 2012.2) Console, when attempting to connect to the Installation, a License Exception warning message pops up stating "Your evaluation license has expired or you have exceeded the number of Audited Systems." 

Warning Message on DirectAudit Audit Manager Console

After clicking OK on the warning message, the Installation cannot be expand to show sub-nodes under it.


This is a result of how license violations were determined in Suite 2012 (DA 2.0.2).

Usually when this occurs, in the DA installation there are no licenses installed for Windows Servers/workstations, but there actually is one or more Windows audited systems deployed.
In earlier versions of the Audit Manager console (Suite 2012 and earlier), the license violation was checked for each license type.
e.g. With the 2.0.2 console, if there is a license installed for 100 Unix Servers and one Unix agent and one Windows Agent has been deployed, it is considered a license violation.

In later versions of the Audit Manager console starting with 3.0.0 (Suite 2013), this issue has been resolved by using the cumulative deployment count (i.e. total unix systems deployed + total windows systems deployed) to check if license is violated or not.


An additional license for Windows will need to be added to the Audit Manager Console.


This is fixed in version 3.0.0 (Suite 2013) or higher of DirectManage Audit Manager Console

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