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KB-6198: Office 365 Troubleshooting Workflow

App Access Service ,   App Gateway Service ,  

27 February,17 at 06:32 PM

Applies to: Centrify Identity Service

This article will outline the general steps to troubleshoot and diagnose common issues related to Centrify for Office 365. Each section below will provide recommended steps for many symptoms experienced by end users and administrators when configuring and deploying Office 365 for the first time.

Note: The below information is also contained within the attached Office 365 Troubleshooting Flowchart at the bottom of this article.

Before attempting to diagnose issues with Office 365, administrators should first review article KB-6028: Getting Started with Office 365 and the Centrify Identity Service - Configuration Overview. Many common issues can be a result of incomplete or incorrect configuration.

Most issues with Centrify for Office 365 can be identified into four primary components as shown below. Select the issue link that best matches your issue symptoms.

          Section One: Authentication Issues - issues with user login to Centrify portals, rich desktop applications or Office 365
          Section Two: Configuration Issues - Issues related to setup of the Office 365 application in the Centrify Admin Portal
          Section Three: Policy Issues - Issues related to application policy restrictions
          Section Four: Provisioning Issues - Issues related to user or resource object sync between Active Directory and Office 365

Section One:
Authentication Issues

This section will assist administrators with diagnosing issues with user login and authentication to the Centrify User Portal, OWA, Office desktop applications (Outlook, Skype, etc.) or Microsoft ActiveSync.
SymptomRecommended Actions
Active Directory User is unable to login to any web services - Centrify or Office 365.
Active Directory User is unable to login to Centrify User Portal.
Active Directory user is unable to login to OWA for Office 365.
Active Directory user is unable to login / activate Office desktop applications (Outlook, Skype, etc.).
Active Directory User is unable to login to mobile applications for Office 365 or authenticate using Microsoft ActiveSync.

Section Two:
Configuration Issues

This section will help troubleshoot common issues with configuration of the Office 365 app within the Centrify Admin Portal.
SymptomRecommended Actions
Unable to verify Office 365 app account settings.
  • Verify correct Office 365 admin username and password
  • Verify admin account has global permissions
Unable to federate or take ownership of an Office 365 domain.
Office 365 app policy settings not working as expected.See Policy troubleshooting section
Account mapping not working as expected.
Office 365 provisioning not working as expected.See Provisioning Troubleshooting section

Section Three:
Policy Issues

This section is intended to diagnose issue related to application policy settings within the Centrify Admin Portal  app settings.
SymptomRecommended Actions
Policy to restrict user access to inside corporate IP range not working as expected.
Policy to require strong user authentication not working as expected.
Advanced policy restrictions using custom Java script not working as expected.

Section Four:
Provisioning Issues

This section will assist with common synchronization issues between Active Directory and Office 365 using Centrify provisioning.
SymptomRecommended Actions
Synchronization report is showing error.
User provisioning is not working as expected.
Resource object (groups, distribution lists, contacts) provisioning not working as expected. 
Advanced provisioning options using custom Java script not working as expected.

For additional information not covered in this guide or troubleshooting assistance, please review the Centrify Online Help or Customer Support Portal at

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