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KB-6192: PowerShell output truncated when running "Get-CdaInstallation" cmdlet

Centrify DirectAudit ,   Centrify DirectControl ,  

12 April,16 at 10:57 AM

Applies to:

Centrify Access Control and Privilege Management Scripting (PowerShell)


When running PowerShell query on Windows, the DirectAudit cmdlet response the list of SCP objects "PublishLocations" is not complete and appear to be truncated.  How to expand truncated PowerShell Output? 

See example below:

C:\> Get-CdaInstallation -Name "CTRFY_DAInstallation" -verbose

Name : CTRFY_DAInstallation 
EnableVideoCapture : True 
DisableSelfReview : False 
DisableSelfDelete : True 
NotificationMessage : 
NotificationImage : 
ManagementDatabase : DefaultManagementDatabase 
PublishLocations :

{OU=DirectAudit,OU=UNIX,DC=ION,DC=CENTRIFY,DC=COM, OU=DirectAudit,OU=UNIX,DC=cof,DC=ds,DC=centrify,DC=com, OU=DirectAudit,OU=UNIX,DC=CDE,DC=CENTRIFY,DC=COM, OU=DirectAudit,OU=UNIX,DC=ccv,DC=centrify,DC=com...}


The above output is a PowerShell listing behavior.  Centrify provide the following links as a courtesy to resolve the truncation issue:


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