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KB-6054: How to run Centrify Deployment Report Utility from command line (silent mode)?

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19 November,20 at 05:43 PM

Applied to:
Centrify DirectControl 5.2.3+ on Windows OS
How to run Centrify Deployment Report Utility from command line (silent mode)?
Starting DirectControl 5.2.3 [Centrify Server 2015.1 release], Centrify administrator can run Deployment Report Utility from command line (silent mode)   

As an alternative to running the deployment report utility as a wizard, Centrify Administrator can use the command-line interface to run the wizard in a Command Prompt window. To use the command-line interface for the utility, navigate to the directory where the CentrifyDeploymentReport.exe file is located, open a Command Prompt window, and execute a command using the following syntax: CentrifyDeploymentReport.exe [/standardmode] [/server=server] [/silent/output=filepath [/force]]

Deployment report (CentrifyDeploymentReport.exe) parameters explain:

/standardmode: run CentrifyDeploymentReport.exe to gather license usage for Standard Edition only.
/server=<server>: specify the name of a domain controller in the forest for which you want to run the report.
/silent: run deployment report in non-interactive mode.  The default is interactive mode and launches the Deployment Report wizard.
/output=<file>: generate the deployment report with the specified file path and file name in the Output parameter. This is valid only in silent mode.
/force: this is used in conjunction with the /output parameter. If specified, the Deployment Report utility overwrites any existing deployment report without prompting, used together with /output.
/help: show command usage.

Example: C:\Program Files\Centrify\Deployment Report\CentrifyDeploymentReport.exe /server=dc2012 /silent /output=c:\Users\dwirth\report.txt /force

For more information, please see Centrify deployment report readme attached.