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KB-6043: Intermittent issues trying to SSH with AD Credentials

Centrify DirectControl ,  

12 April,16 at 10:57 AM

Applies to:
Direct Control on Red Hat Linux platforms

When tried to ssh to the machine,  one of 3 scenarios happens: 

1) Sometimes when trying to ssh with PUTTY, it will say “Account cannot be accessed at this time” 

2) Sometimes it will just close the PUTTY session 

3) Sometimes it will login just fine. (Generally, right after running  adquery user -A <username> or an adflush on the console).  However, after a successful logon, tried  to login again right away, it will always fail with either #1 or #2 scenario.

It appears that the concurrent sshd connections has maxed out. 

Oct 29 15:23:08 hpdtlrhsat02 adclient[1269]: INFO AUDIT_TRAIL|Centrify Suite|PAM|1.0|101|PAM authentication denied|5|user=xxxxxxx(type:ad, pid=32498 utc=1446150188445 centrifyEventID=24101 status=DENIED service=sshd tty=ssh client= reason=Authentication failure

This issue may be resolved by changing the following parameter in the file /etc/centrifydc/ssh/sshd_config: 

MaxSessions 10 


MaxSessions 20



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