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KB-6011: Installing and using the Centrify Deployment Report

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10 May,17 at 09:39 AM

Applies to:  
Centrify Deployment Report Suite 2016.1 and earlier.

What are the steps needed to run Centrify Deployment Report?

Please note starting from Suite 2017 Centrify Deployment Report is renamed to Centrify Licensing Report. (
KB-8713: Installing and using the Centrify Licensing Report)

First please verify that your Centrify Support Portal access is working and you can access the needed download.
If you have already setup your account please go to and enter your username (your email address) and your password and click “Login”

If you have not yet signed up for a Centrify Support Portal account with your company email address please do so now. Sign up your account here:

If you have problems with your access please contact the Centrify Support Team by sending an email to Please include the information (email address, phone number) that you have been requested to run the deployment report and that you are having trouble with your support portal access.

Please go to
where you can download the Windows 64-bit package installer for the Deployment Report.

To install the Centrify Deployment Report wizard:
1) Select the Centrify_Licensing_Report-version-win64.msi file to download and a download
location on a Windows computer.

2) Double-click the file you downloaded and, if prompted, click Run to open the installer,
then click Next to continue. (Please note that you need local admin privileges on the system in order to complete the install)

3) Select I accept the terms in the License Agreement, then click Next.

4) Click Next to accept the default installation folder, or click Change to select a different
location, then click Next.

5) Click Install to begin installation. If you have an existing version of the Deployment Report you will be prompted to Upgrade. Please allow the upgrade, it will not affect any of the other Centrify Components. 

6) Click Finish to complete the installation.

Running the deployment report wizard
After you have installed the Centrify Deployment Report wizard you can run the wizard to generate a deployment report. You can start the Centrify Deployment Report wizard by navigating to it from the Start menu.
To run the Centrify Deployment Report wizard:
1) You can access the shortcut for the executable directly from the Start menu Go to Start – All Programs – Centrify Server Suite 20XX – Centrify Utilities and Tools – Centrify Licensing report.

2) Click Next to accept the default domain controller and your current credentials to retrieve deployment information.
Verify DC

3) Click Next to use your current credentials to retrieve audit installation information.
If necessary, you can select the option to specify a different user, then specify a different
user name and password if your current account does not have the “Manage Licenses”
permission for the audit installation, then click Next.
 User-added image

4) Click Next if the credentials specified in Step 4 can retrieve information for all of the audit installations listed.
If necessary, you can select an audit installation and click Change Credentials to specify a different user name and password for connecting to a specific installation, then click Next.

5) Specify the name and folder location for the deployment report and whether to hide host, zone, and installation names in the report output, then click Next.
By default, the deployment report output is located in your Documents folder with a name in the format of Centrify_Deployment_Report_yyyymmdd, where yyyymmdd is the year, month, and date indicating when you are generating the report.
If a report of the same name already exists in that location, a version number suffix is added to the default report name.
Select the option to Hide host, zone, and installation names from the report to keep this information private. The deployment report wizard will generate random strings to replace host, zone, and installation names in the report output. 
Note that selecting this option does not obfuscate the Active Directory forest name. The forest name is required to send the report output to Centrify. All other names included in the report can be replaced with random strings.
 User-added image

6) Review the output location and file name, then click Next to generate the report.

7) Leave the option to Open the output report selected and click Send Report to send the report output directly to the Centrify Support portal. 
You can run the Deployment Report utility twice if you want to review the output first, then generate a new report to send to Centrify.

8) Click OK to acknowledge that the report will be sent and continue.
You’ll be given a reference number for communicating with support about the report
 User-added image

9) Click OK and you will be prompted to log in using your Centrify Support Portal account user name and password. 

10) After logging in, click Continue to display details about your report.
 User-added image

If you experience any issues when attempting this process please contact Centrify Customer Support at:
North America: +1 (877) 531-7809 
EMEA: +44 2034 900146
APAC: +1 (669) 444-5200 Option 2
Support Portal: