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KB-5878: Error "Failure while modifying system configuration files" during agent startup on AIX 7.1

Authentication Service ,  

28 September,16 at 09:31 PM


The following error is encountered during agent startup, what is the reason and is there cause for concern?

Sep 21 14:58:07 myserver auth|security:err|error adclient[10944556]: ERROR <main> daemon.main Failure while modifying system configuration files: met error when run AutoEdit Perl scripts

This happens on servers running AIX 7.1, it is not observed on servers running older versions of AIX such as 6.1.  


Starting in AIX 7.1 this OS no longer ships with certain config files in the /etc folder that existed in previous versions of AIX.  An example of this is /etc/irs.conf.  Since the Centrify DirectControl agent was designed to expect this file to be present we report this event erroneously when we cannot find it however it is no longer required by the OS.  


Create the file /etc/irs.conf using the command "
touch /etc/irs.conf" and add exactly one carriage return to populate the file with data.  This will prevent this event from being generated during agent startup.  


This will be resolved in an upcoming version of Centrify Server Suite.