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KB-5876: How to supress agent SYSLOG warnings

Authentication Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:46 AM

Applies to:

All versions of Centrify DirectControl on all platforms


Is there a way to suppress the following Centrify warnings in SYSLOG?

Apr 16 13:14:11 myserver Message forwarded from myserver: adclient[6619148]: WARN <bg:dzRefresh> sam.loader Fail to insert local passwd 'localuser:XXX' into DZ DB (error: Failed to step: SQL logic error or missing database ), continue.Please ensure there is no duplicated uid in the local passwd file. 

Apr 16 09:42:37 myserver auth|security:warn|warning adclient[6619148]: WARN <fd:26 sshd(3604684)> 'myusername' has a unix name of 'myusername' which is longer than the recommended maximum of 8 characters 


In general a Centrify warning can
be suppressed by identifying the component and adjusting it's log level.  

In the first example observe the component name "sam.loader" is mentioned.  To suppress the first event add the following parameter in /etc/centrifydc.conf:

log.sam.loader: ERROR 

In the second example it is slightly more challenging as there is no component mentioned.  To suppress this event specifically add the following parameter in /etc/centrifydc.conf:

log.lam: ERROR

Finally if the event you wish to suppress is not specified here you can either contact Centrify support to help determine that or suppress all warnings by modifying the following parameter in /etc/centrifydc.conf:

log: ERROR