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KB-5793: AIX hosts in 'down' mode running Centrify DirectControl 5.0.2, stop and restart failed

Authentication Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:46 AM

Applies to:

Centrify DirectControl version 5.0.2 on AIX


A few domain controllers were rebooted causing AIX hosts that has Centrify DirectControl 5.0.2 installed showing ‘CentrifyDC mode: down’ status when running ‘adinfo’ command.
  • An attempt to restart adclient failed as OS is showing that the service is already running, however ‘ps –ef |grep –I centrify’ is not showing any adclient running.
  • An attempt to ‘adleave’ and ‘adjoin’ is also failing.  
  • An attempt to run ‘startsrc’ and ‘stopsrc –f’ does not fix the issue.
  • An attempt to run ‘refresh –s centrifydc’ then ‘lssrc –s centrifydc’ does not clear up the issue.

The adclient daemon will not restart on the AIX host.  The OS thinks adclient is running under PID <pidnumber> eventhough that PID no longer exists. 
auth|security:debug adjoin[26280096]: DEBUG util.except (IO) : ipc socket connect: No such file or directory (reference lrpc/ipcmessage.cpp:444 rc: 1) Aug 17 14:14:55 <hostname> auth|security:debug last message repeated 72

IPC = Inter Process Communication -> This error message says that lrpc/ipcmessage.cpp the C code is attempting to connect to a socket file (an on disk file that allows communication to a running daemon.

‘truss starsrc’ show that centrifydc is already running and ‘truss lssrc’ show the pid number. 

‘stopsrc’ says centrifydc is not there but ‘startsrc’ does not agree.  


Not Available.


The resource manager for AIX OS does not sync up with adclient eventhough the OS thinks there is PID <pidnumber> is still running.  At this point a ‘reboot’ on the host is needed.

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