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KB-5790 Cloud Connector Schedule Auto-Update

Centrify Identity Service, App Edition ,  

29 June,17 at 10:16 AM

Applies to: All versions of Centrify for SaaS

Problem: Cloud Connector doesn't prompt users after configure schedule auto-update, schedule auto-update doesn't take affect.


For Scheduled auto-update doesn't take effect - Normally, after the auto-update schedule configuration is updated, cloud connector need to be restarted to take effect. When cloud connector started, it would check auto-update schedule, if there is a schedule, it would check auto-update each hour; if there is no schedule, it would check auto-update every "fixed" hours (this is randomly generated from 4 to 24 hours when cloud connector started)

For UI Restart Notification - UI would only prompt user to restart cloud connector when user select between random (selected all boxes) and scheduled (selected some boxes). If there is only some small schedule changes, it does not require cloud connector to restart. Note that in random mode (selected all boxes), which is old behaviour for backward compatibility, cloud connector would check auto-update every X hours (where X is randomly generated from 4 to 24 hours when cloud connector started) In scheduled mode (selected some boxes), it would check auto-update every hour. Schedule changes like adding Sunday 8:00-12:00, does not change the auto-update checking frequency. So it would not require and would not prompt user to restart cloud connector.

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