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KB-5279: After upgrade to Adclient V5.2.2, AD User intermittently not able to log in

Authentication Service ,  

26 May,15 at 02:28 PM

Applies to: Centrify DirectControl Version 5.2.2-186 on All Unix/Linux Platform

After upgrade to Adclient V5.2.2, AD User intermittently not able to log in to Centrify Linux server.
Performing an "adquery user <aduser>" shows users as "not a zone user." 
Login Issue will be temporary fixed by "adflush -a"

DirectAuthorize cache was updated with incomplete LDAP page search result and caused users lost system login right.

For work around, we recommend setting up a cron job to re-flush adcache every 30 minutes

  1. crontab –e
    • The following entries will run adflush every 30 minutes
    • 30 * * * * adflush –a
  2. Save and exit the crontab

This issue has been fixed in Centrify Server Suite 2015 SP1 a.k.a DirectControl version 5.2.2-192 , please refer to KB-5278: How to install Centrify DirectControl Agent 5.2.2 SP1 for details.

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