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KB-5196: OSCHK fails when running AD Check

Centrify Identity Service, Mac Edition ,  

4 May,15 at 06:39 PM

Applies to: Centrify DirectControl for Mac


When running AD Check, the "OSCHK" shows as failed and
has a message stating "Unknown OS revision".

OSCHK failing in AD Check.


The OSCHK portion of AD Check will confirm the version of Mac OS X is supported.  If you are receiving a failed OSCHK in AD Check, this typically indicates the version of Mac OS X that AD Check is running on is not supported.  AD Check comes packaged with the installer for the Centrify agent for Mac.  When you install the Centrify agent for Mac, the AD Check tool is also added to the Applications/Utilities/Centrify folder.  If you are running a version of AD Check that came packaged with the Centrify agent, the agent that has been downloaded or installed may not be compatible with the version of Mac OS X it is running on.

For example, Yosemite requires a minimum version of 5.2.1-351 for the Centrify agent.  Earlier versions are not supported with Yosemite and the AD Check packaged with those versions would be expected to fail the OSCHK.


Be sure to use a Centrify agent that is supported by your OS version.  You can download the latest agent at the Customer Download Center.  Once you are using a Centrify agent that supports your OS, the OSCHK should pass as shown in the screenshot below.

OSCHK passing in AD Check.

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