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KB-51914: What has changed in the UI for Privileged Access Service version 21.3

Privileged Access Service ,  

12 May,21 at 03:03 PM

NOTE: In order to see the UI changes starting in 21.3, please reach out to Centrify Support to enable this feature. 
  1. What has changed in the UI for Privileged Access Service version 21.3?
    1. The search box has changed when selecting / requesting an account to log into a system.
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  1. Why are domain accounts not shown in the search results?
    1. To see domain accounts, the domain(s) must be selected on the left-hand side of the search before searching.
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  1. Why is the domain(s) not displayed in the search box, and cannot be selected to search from?
    1. View permissions for users are required on the domain so they can select it in the search filters. View permissions are not a new requirement, but omit domains from being displayed if users do not have them.
    2. NOTE: Users who only have PAS user access do NOT have a Domain tab in their portal. The View permission is simply for back-end queries to be able to pull the domain. 
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     4. Why are Domain Administrative Accounts not shown in search results?
  1. The domain administrative account is intended to be a service account for the Vault, not a shared account for use to get into systems. While not recommended, if a Domain Administrative account is required, please contact Centrify Support to modify the behavior. Future releases will allow for domain administrative accounts to be searchable. 

NOTE: To search for domain accounts that require Workflow, the “Workflow Enabled” check box must be selected along with the domain.
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        b. Why are local accounts shown without having to specify them?
          1. Local accounts are expected to have access to systems and able to login. They are displayed as an option to choose from.
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