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KB-51769: Web RDP Connections Dropping Within Minutes

Privileged Access Service ,  

28 April,21 at 08:22 PM


When connecting to a Windows system using Web-based RDP from the Centrify PAS admin portal, the session will not stay connected. It will disconnect within minutes.

Additionally, the following error messages may appear:
User-added image
User-added image


This is due to some recent changes in Chrome regarding throttling JavaScript timer wake-ups. This has been forcing WebSocket connection termination in 5-7 minutes of tab inactivity.


1) Switch to a different web browser.

2) The throttling feature in Chrome can be disabled in Chrome versions below v90. Please use the following steps to disable this feature:
a. Type chrome://flags
b. Search for Throttle Javascript Timers flag, change it to Disabled.
c. Relaunch all the Chrome windows.
User-added image

3) For Chrome versions v90 and above, please use the following steps:
a. Type chrome://flags into the address bar of your Chrome browser.
b. Search for both -m88 or -m89 and change both to Enabled, relaunch the browser.

User-added image

c. Once step 3b is completed, intensive-wake-up-throttling will be available. Search for and set this flag to Disabled.

User-added image

d. Please relaunch all open Chrome tabs and browsers.


Centrify is expected to have a fix for this in the 21.4 release of Privileged Access Service.