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KB-4911: How to enable extended debug logging for capturing group policy issues

Mac & PC Management Service ,  

7 February,18 at 04:22 PM

Applies to: Centrify DirectControl for Mac OS X


When working on group policy issues with Centrify Support, it is sometimes necessary to gather deeper-level debug logging from the processes being investigated.
What are the steps needed to enable the higher-level logging status?


To trace extensive logging for group policy issues, the /etc/centrifydc/centrifydc.conf file needs to be edited to raise the trace level of specific policy mappers.

To enable detailed logging for all group policy issues use either of the following steps: 

Option 1: Enabling manually for a single machine:
  1. Login to the Mac as Local Admin and open the config file for editing:
    • /etc/centrifydc/centrifydc.conf
  2. Add the following line to the bottom of the file:
    • TRACE
  3. Save the file and then run:
    • sudo /usr/local/share/centrifydc/bin/centrifydc restart
    • adinfo -c
  4. Make sure the added line now appears in the list of active parameters.
    • Once confirmed, Debug Mode can be enabled and the issue can be reproduced with enhanced logging enabled.

Option 2: Enabling via Group Policy for multiple machines:
  1. Enable the GP at:
    • Computer Configuration / Centrify Settings / DirectControl Settings / "Add centrifydc.conf properties" 
    • (If the DirectControl Settings folder cannot be seen, make sure the "centrifydc_settings.xml" template has been added into the GPO)
  2. Add the following entry:
    • Name:
    • Value: TRACE
  3. Save the GPO and run refresh the GPs on the target machine(s) to apply the new configuration.

  • The trace-level setting can also be applied to individual group policy mapper scripts for a more focussed logging output.
  • For example, to set the trace-level logging to debug certificate-related policy issues, use the following entries in /etc/centrifydc/centrifydc.conf:
    • TRACE
    • TRACE 
    • Or via GP:  
      User-added image
  • The GP mapper scripts can be found under:
    • For versions 5.2.3 and below:
      • /usr/share/centrifydc/mappers/machine
      • /usr/share/centrifydc/mappers/user
    • For versions 5.2.4 and above:
      • /usr/local/share/centrifydc/mappers/machine
      • /usr/local/share/centrifydc/mappers/user
  • See the following KB for further info on troubleshooting group policy issues on Mac systems:
  • Once the logging level has been raised, the Mac Diagnostic Tool can be used to capture issues as normal:

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