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KB-4835: Procedure for properly deleting the offline store from a DirectAudit agent

Centrify DirectAudit ,  

12 April,16 at 11:07 AM

Applies to:
Centrify DirectAudit Agent 3.0 and higher on all platforms
What is the correct and safest way to delete the DirectAudit Agent Offline Store (Spool) so that it no longer consumes disk space on the system nor will be sent to the collector? 
Please follow the following procedure to safely and manually delete the existing Offline Store (Spool):
1. Disable DA auditing.
- Run `dacontrol -d'
2. Close the session and login with a non-audited session (run dainfo to confirm).
3. Make sure all other sessions are closed out and there is no auditing being done on the machine.
4. Stop the DirectAudit agent (dad)
- Stop dad by running system tools (e.g., /etc/init.d/centrifyda stop or dastop),
Note: Do NOT run "kill -9 <pid_of_dad> “(in DA this is the equivalent of a "dirty shutdown")
5. Rename /var/centrifyda/spool-dbqc
For example:
mv /var/centrifyda/spool-dbqc /var/centrifyda/spool-dbqc--bak
6. Re-enable DA auditing.
- Run `dacontrol -e'
7. Start the DirectAudit Agent (dad)
- Start dad by running system tools (e.g, /etc/init.d/centrifyda start or dastart)
8. Verify agent operation by running dainfo and if connected and streaming to a collector it is now safe to remove the old spool folder. 

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