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KB-4812: Getting Started with Centrify Identity Service

App Access Service ,  

25 April,16 at 06:47 PM


Applies To: Centrify Identity Service

This quick start guide is intended to assist Administrators with a general overview of installation and configuration steps
for Centrify Identity Service. 

Just getting started? Follow the sections below to register and setup your cloud tenant in just a few minutes – quick and easy!


Register for the Centrify Identity Service and configure your tenant:

The steps below will allow you to register and access your cloud tenant in only a few minutes for use with
cloud-based user accounts using the Centrify User Service (CUS).

  1. Register for a free trial of the service at
  2. An email will be sent to the registration address that contains a link to activate your account.
  3. After account activation is complete, the cloud tenant Customer ID and login credentials will be sent via email along with next steps.
  4. Login to the Centrify Cloud Manager portal at using the administrator account provided via email – you will be prompted to change your password during first-time login.
  5. The Quick Start wizard will be displayed after login for quick and easy configuration.


Integrate with Active Directory & LDAP (optional):

The steps below will allow for download and registration of the Centrify Cloud Connector to integrate SaaS
application access and mobile device management for Active Directory users.

  1. Login to the Centrify Cloud Manager portal at using the administrator account provided via email. Having trouble with login? Use the "Forgot your password?" link in the login window.
  2. The account used to register the cloud connector service must belong to a cloud role with the "Register Proxies" permission. For additional info, refer to the online help section Creating Identity Platform Administrators.
  3. Download the Centrify Cloud Connector – the download link is available in the Cloud Manager portal via Settings > Cloud Connectors > Add cloud connector.
  4. Install the cloud connector on any member server running Windows server 2008 R2 or higher. Installation on a domain controller is not required but can be used for testing or evaluation purposes.
  5. After the cloud connector installation is complete, registration is required to start the connector service. Enter credentials of an account with the "Register Proxies" permission such as the cloud-based administrator account or similar role member.


Provide administrative access to other user accounts:

By default, only the cloud-based administrator account will have login access to the Cloud Manager. To provide
access for cloud-based accounts or Active Directory admins or users, perform the following steps:

  1. Login to the Centrify Cloud Manager portal at using the administrator account provided.
  2. Click “Roles” from the top menu.
  3. Select the System Administrator (sysadmin) role.
  4. Edit the list of members by adding users, roles or AD groups.


Verify User Portal login:

The final step before adding additional apps, roles or policies to the Cloud Manager should be to verify both
Active Directory and cloud-based users can login to the Centrify User portal. Successful login is important to verify
before users can access SaaS applications or enroll mobile devices.

  • By default, all Active Directory users have login rights to to access provisioned applications, manage mobile devices and account contact information. Users simply login using their full AD username or email address and password.
  • Cloud-based user accounts (CUS) must be members of the "Everybody" role. This option is enabled by default when creating new cloud-based user accounts but the option can be disabled if an Admin chooses.


Additional Help and Information:

  • Typical next steps include configuring access Roles, group policy and adding your first SSO application.
  • For additional online help regarding management of Cloud Manager settings, apps, device management, roles and policies, please refer to the Centrify Cloud Manager Online Help portal
  • End user online help is also available  - please refer to the Centrify User Portal Online Help
  • If you encounter any issues or simply have a question or great idea to share - be sure to post it here in the Community to receive assistance from other community members. For technical support assistance, please review our Knowledge Base or open a new Support Request


Congratulations! You should now have a fully functioning cloud tenant with the ability to manage both cloud
and AD users to provide access to SaaS applications, mobile device management and policy controls.

Still have questions? Click here to log a technical support case, or collaborate with your peers in Centrify's Online Community.