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KB-47419: Silent Installation of Centrify Report Services

Authentication Service ,  

2 February,21 at 02:45 PM

Instructions for performing a "Silent Install" of the Centrify Reporting Services tool.

1) Download/Obtain a recent copy of Centrify Infrastructure Services for 64-bit Windows from the Centrify Download Portal. The file will be named something like the following once saved:

2) Unzip the file and navigate to the DirectManage > Report Services folder and there will be a Centrify_RptServices-<version>-win64.msi file listed there. Using the .exe file will not work for this exercise.

3) Feel free to move the .msi file to a new location or keep where it is. Just remember the path to where the .msi file is located.

4) Execute the following command, ensuring the path to the file is correct. This command is assuming the file is located at C:\Users\

   C:\Users\msiexec.exe /i centrify_rptservices-<version>-win64.msi /qn

5) Upon completion of the command the Centrify Report Services tool will now be installed. However, the configuration wizard must be run manually and cannot be scripted at this time.

Additional info about msiexec can be found by running the following command:

   C:\> msiexec /?