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KB-4660: Downloading email frequently times out on enrolled devices

App Access Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:22 AM

Applies to: Centrify Identity Service


Exchange settings are being pushed to enrolled mobile devices via group policy (or Centrify Cloud Policy Service) and the settings are confirmed to be installed correctly in the email clients.
Users with larger inboxes are frequently having issues where either emails are not loading at all, or only email headers are able to load and email content fails to show. The timeouts appear to only show for users who have had their settings pushed via Centrify, users with their email settings manually configured do not have this problem.

During this time launching the Centrify mobile app may show the following prompts:
Network Problem: Cannot reach the cloud, will retry later
User-added image

Mobile Profile error: The request timed out

User-added image



The "Past days of mail to sync" value in the Exchange group policy settings may be set too high for email clients and the network to handle.

In the above examples, the number of days to sync was set to one month.

For comparison - when setting up Exchange settings manually on iOS devices, the default setting for number of mail days to sync is three days (

  • These timeouts occurs directly between the device and mail servers themselves; other than the deployment of configuration settings - there is no email communication that goes through the Centrify mobile app or the Centrify Cloud Service.
  • The timeout notifications in the Centrify app are displayed when there are general timeouts occurring between the device and the network; they are not specific to email activity.


A temporary workaround is to re-apply the policy and have the Exchange profile be pushed to the device again.


Lower the "Past days of mail to sync" in the Exchange Settings policies to a more manageable value (for example, 3 days).