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KB-4589: Error codes when installing SQL server bundled with Centrify DirectAudit and Centrify Reporting Services

Auditing and Monitoring Service ,  

12 November,19 at 10:46 PM

Applies to: All version of Centrify DirectAudit on all Windows platforms
The SQL server bundled with the DirectAudit install may fail on a Windows machine. 
What are the conditions where this could happen?
The known error codes could be one of the following:

  1. 0x84B40000 - full text service cannot run under local system account on DC.

This means user is trying to install SQL Server on a Domain Controller with Full Text Search service configured under a local system account. This is not supported by Microsoft.
Workaround is to either install SQL on a member server, or manually install SQL and select a different account to run it as Full Text Search service.

  1. 0x20000001

For this error code, more information is needed, see below on how to collect logs.

  1. 0X6AA

If SQL server is already installed on a machine with default SQL server instance (with advanced services), the SQL server setup will fail with the above error code.
To workaround this issue, reinstall SQL Native Client (SNAC) before installing the second instance of SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services.
- (Provided as a courtesy)

  1.   0x6DB7

This means a hyphen (-) in the SQL server's instance name has been specified and is not allowed.

  1.   0X84BE0218

SQL Server Management Studio 2005 has been installed on the system and there is an attempt to install SQL 2008 on top of it.
To workaround this issue, manually uninstall SQL Server Management Studio and then install the later version.

  1. 0x84BE0260

PowerShell 2.0, which is a prerequisite for Microsoft SQL server 2014, is not installed. 
Install Windows Management Framework 2.0 first before run Report Services Configuration Wizard

  1. 0x4BDAF9BA@1306@24

SQL Server 2008 R2 express edition with advanced features will fail to install an new instance when TLS 1.0/1.1 and SSL 3.0 protocols are disabled. It fails with message like:
SQL Server installation failed. To continue, investigate the reason for the failure, correct the problem, uninstall SQL Server, and then rerun SQL Server Setup.
To workaround this issue, re-enable the protocols (Update corresponding values to 1.) the SQL server instance then can be installed successfully.
Refer to:

        8. 0x4005
This error code is seen when the user attempts to Configure Centrify Report Services on a server that does not have Microsoft SQL server installed. To resolve this error code, please install Microsoft SQL server on the machine. Centrify provides an Express version of Microsoft SQL server in the Centrify Infrastructure Services download package, it is located in the "Common" folder. Please see attached image(
0x4005.PNG) to see what the error code looks like.
=== If SQL Server fails for any other reason ===
Send the install logs to Support.
Setup file locations:
- SQL Server 2005:
%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Setup Bootstrap\LOG
- SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2:
%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Setup Bootstrap\LOG
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