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KB- 45889: Home Directory Not Getting Mounted with script

Authentication Service ,  

21 December,20 at 02:54 PM

Problem: The Centrify documentation regarding using automounts without NIS has been followed. But upon login, the user's home directory is not getting mounted as expected. 

Instructions referenced are here:

The following troubleshooting has been performed:

- A new nismap entry has been created in Access Manager under  Zones > (zone name) > Unix Data > NIS Maps > auto.home

- It has been verified the /etc/nsswitch.conf file has the following entry:
automount: files

- It has been verified there is a symlink to the file:
ln -s /usr/share/centrifydc/etc/ /etc/auto.home

- It has been verified the /etc/auto.master file has an entry with the following value:
/export/home program:/etc/auto.home

- It has also been verified the autofs service has recently been restarted and is currently running without issue

- The server hosting the home directory is reachable from the Centrify client and the home directory can be mounted directly using the mount command.

Cause: The instructions say to add the following value to the /etc/auto.home file:
/export/home program:/etc/auto.home

However, the instructions are providing this as just an example. The issue in this case is that the user's home directory is intended to be /home/username, but that does not match the "/export/home" value in the /etc/auto.home file. So in this case the auto.master should show the following:
/home program:/etc/auto.home

Solution: Please ensure that the home directory path listed in the /etc/auto.home file matches the path of the user's home directory. It is important to remember the trigger is on the client side.
It is the user's home directory (/home/username) that must match /etc/auto.master (/home -> /etc/auto.home) as it tells autofs to query /etc/auto.home to mount the return on /home/username. For example, if a user's home directory path is /home/username, the /etc/auto.home file must be the following:
/home program:/etc/auto.home

Please also ensure that the autofs service has been restarted on the client machine after making any changes to the /etc/auto.home file.

*Additional note*  If it is noticed that after creating a new NIS map entry, and it takes too long for it to be available, the following parameter in /etc/centrifydc/centrifydc.conf can be set:
adauto.reloadtime: 1800

The value is in seconds, so 1800 = 30 minutes.

Also, this can be refreshed manually by invoking "/etc/auto.home" with no argument.