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KB-45668: How to set the Recovery settings for the DirectAuthorize Agent during a silent install

Privilege Elevation Service ,  

15 December,20 at 07:30 AM

Question: How can the service Recovery settings be changed for the DirectAuthorize Agent during a silent install?

Answer: Silent installs for the Windows DirectAuthorize Agent can be found HERE. Below are the steps to modify the Recovery settings for the agent. 

1. Open Orca.
2. File > Open and open the Centrify Agent for Windows64.msi file located in the Agent folder in the Centrify download location. 
3. Select Transform > Apply Transform 
4. Navigate to the Agent folder in the Centrify download location and open Group Policy Deployment.mst.
5. Go to the ServiceConfig Table 
6. Add the DirectAuthorize Agent settings with the following values

ServiceName                                 DirectAuthorize Agent
Component                                    dzagent.exe
NewService                                   1
FirstFailure                                    restart
SecondFailure                               restart
ThirdFailure                                   restart
ResetPeriodInDays                       0
RestartServiceDelayInSeconds   0

User-added image

7. After you have made all necessary modifications, select Transform > Generate Transform to save your modifications. Be sure to save the MST file in a different directory as the original. 
8. Close Orca
9. Move / overwrite the orignial MST file with the newly created one. 
10. Run:
msiexec /i "Centrify Agent for Windows64.msi" /qn TRANSFORMS="Group Policy Deployment.mst"
Note: Ensure the newly generated MST file is in the same directory as the MSI file. 

After the machine reboots and comes back up the services property tab should now look like this:
User-added image