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KB-45133: Unable to login to HP-UX Servers

Authentication Service ,  

19 December,20 at 07:33 AM

Problem: AD users have been correctly provisioned to have a role profile and a role assignment using the Centrify Access Manager console. But now the users cannot login to HP-UX systems in the zone. Other platforms can be logged into with no issue. The error message says "server unexpectedly closed network connection" during a login attempt through PuTTy.

Following troubleshooting has been performed:
  • Output of the "adquery user -A <username>" shows as "zoneEnabled:true."
  • Output of dzinfo shows the user has a "Unix-Login" role. 
  • adflush -f has been run.
  • adclient has been restarted (typically not necessary)
  • adleave/adjoin has been performed (also typically not necessary)

A review of the Centrify addebug logs do not show much useful information either.

Cause: Research from the following HP website reveals that usernames must be 8 characters or less:
The "man 4 passwd" page for 11.23 says:

The following fields have size limitations as noted:

Login name field can be no longer than 8 characters

Solution: On HP-UX systems, keep the username (this includes AD usernames) limited to 8 characters or less. Longer usernames can be enabled but it is not recommended by HP.