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KB-4422: Centrify 2014 upgrade issue fails on Solaris Global Zone

Centrify DirectControl ,  

12 April,16 at 11:47 AM

Applies to:

Centrify DirectControl 5.0.x/5.x on Solaris 10 platforms only


When attempting to upgrade to Centrfy DirectControl 5.x agent  on Solaris Global Zone, the following error 
is observed in the /var/log/centrifydc-install.log.

Solaris 10 install failed in global zone with:

ERROR: failed to stop adclient, exiting ...
Error detected.
Exiting ...

The install fails with the same error even if the adclient process is manually stopped in the Global zone.

This issue happens when having adclient running in non-global zone(s) while upgrading from global zone.

The adclient process needs to be stopped in non-global zones need to be stopped in order to perform the upgrade.

The existing script is looking at all adclient processes using "ps -ef" in all the zones (not just the global zone) and will not continue even though
it has stopped the adclient in the global zone. It is preferred to use "ps -z global" when installing in global zone
Customer should not edit the script themselves.

Attached to this article is a patched script.

Customer need to download the same which will allow them to install in the global zone.
This patch will be incorporated in future release of the product.

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