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KB-4307: Unable to export users and groups from Deployment Manager if the list contains more than ~300 entries

Authentication Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:19 AM

Applies to: All versions of Centrify Deployment Manager


When attempting to export user/groups from Deployment Manager as described in pg48 of the Deployment Manager User’s Guide, it gets stuck when the list gets to approximately 300 entries.

Deployment Manager logs do not show any error.

However when exporting at the computer level and selecting multiple computers at a time, it works.
This creates a file for each computer. For example, if there are 125 computers in the list; 125 individual files are created.  


The current design of Deployment Manager does not allow to dump all users from multiple computers into a single file. 

Export is possible only at the computer level - which creates one file for each computer. 

To join all the exported files, use a simple copy command and use an editor like Notepad++ to parse through the file. 

Future versions will make it possible to export into a single file.

  • Deployment Manager uses the in-built export function of Microsoft controls - this control exports whatever data is held at the time of exporting. This issue is that this control may not always hold the entire user list at any single point in time. When the user uses the scrollbar in this control, new users are dynamically loaded and displayed in this control - however it may also discard users that are no longer visible in the list for better performance.  
  • In the case where an environment has thousands of users, loading all these users at the same time and holding it in memory will affect system performance.
  • This is the reason why Centrify provides separate export user/group functionality.
  • For further reading, see the following KB:

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