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KB-4284: How to view Samsung device information

App Access Service ,   App Gateway Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:11 AM

Applies to: Centrify Identity Service, App Edition

When escalating device related issues to Support, device details may be requested. The “About Device” settings menu will display the following information:

  • Model Number — These numbers differ according to the operator.
  • Android Version — KNOX requires 4.3.
  • Kernel Version — Version of current kernel, date firmware last updated.
  • Baseband version — Modem firmware and build number.
  • Build Number — Indicates code family (J=Jellybean), branch (R=primary, S=secondary), date (S15=July 15, 2013), and build (J=#10).
  • SELinux Status — This can be:
    • Permissive — Device records unauthorized access to resources. Device manufacturers use this information to improve their security policy files.
    • Enforcing (default) — Device prevents unauthorized access to resources
Viewing the About Device menu

To display this information:
Navigate to: Settings > General / More > About device.

Capturing a screenshot of the menu

To capture a menu screenshot:
Press the Home and Power buttons simultaneously for 1 second and release. There should be a white outline of the screen displayed briefly along with an audible “click” camera sound. A notification message that the image has been captured should be displayed. The captured file is located in the device Screenshots folder.
Example screenshot:

User-added image


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