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KB-4266: Possible issues when cloning hosts without following Centrify procedures

Authentication Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:07 AM

Applies to:  Centrify DirectControl Agent on All versions
Host A is cloned to host B, now the clone B server cannot join to the domain, or vice versa.
On the Centrify DirectManage Access console, the original host is no longer showing up.  
The following KB was NOT followed:
One of the hosts will join successfully but the other host will get disconnected and lose connection after 20 minutes.  
Clone B host may still be carrying host A Kerberos service principal names and the /etc/krb5.* files which were created when host A joined the domain.
1.  On the cloned B host, do adleave -r (without the -f option) to remove the computer account from AD
# adleave -r -u <admin>
2.  Remove /var/centrifydc/previous and /etc/krb5.* files
# rm -rf /var/centrifydc/krb5.*
# rm /etc/krb5.*
On the original host, do adleave -f to force leaving the domain
# adleave -f
3.  On the clone and original host, run adjoin with -n option
# adjoin -n <hostname> ... (plus any additional join parameters)
4.  Verify that both clone and original hosts are connected to the domain, then test the login with ADuser:
# adinfo
Verify on Centrify DirectManage Access console that the computer object is now listed in the proper Zone.