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KB-4215: Description of the discovery process between different forests

Authentication Service ,   Mac & PC Management Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:07 AM

Applies to: Centrify DirectControl version 5.1.2
What is the discovery process between different forests? 
As there have been many changes in this area (updateDomainInfoMap), this KB article is discussing Centrify DirectContol version 5.1.2.
adclient on start-up and every 8 hours (krb5.config.update:8) will update domainInfoMap - the trusts information. 
When Centrify DirectContol is not configured to operate with local domain only (, it will first search GC for "(|(objectCategory=trustedDomain)(objectCategory=DomainDNS))" to get all the known trusts. 
It then removes the excluded domains (" <domaina> <doimainb> ..."). 
After that it loops through each remaining domains to locate its DC's.
It then ping each one to see if the DC is reachable and usable. 
It will then update /etc/krb5.conf with this set of information, and the trusts are cached in /var/centrifydc/kset.trusts. "adinfo -y domain" will dump what adclient understands about the trusts. 
adclient will try to create 1 connection to each domain. If the connection is idled for 900 seconds, it will be disconnected. "adinfo -y adagent" shows the connections. 
- adclient also supports white list (
- "dns.block" specifies the DC to avoid 
- For transitive trust, adclient will try to resolve trusts one more level out, that is, adclient will find out what the trusted domain trusts.