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KB-41264: Is Removing the cagent Cache a Normal and Safe Procedure?

Privileged Access Service ,  

5 October,20 at 07:59 PM

When cagent terminates unexpectedly, it can leave a corrupt cache.  This can cause  HealthCheck() failures and also prevent legitimate authentications.  Is it normal and safe to remove the cache file, /var/centrify/cloud/cache.db ?
While removing the cache should not be necessary, it is not a normal process.  However, it is perfectly safe and does not affect the functionality of the cagent.  After the cache is removed, some user lookups may be a bit slower while the cache is being rebuilt. But, the cache should catch up after a few minutes.
Other files that could potentially need to be removed include the lock file, /var/centrify/cloud/.cagent.lock, and the socket, /var/centrify/cloud/daemon2.  All are safe to remove and will be rebuilt upon cagent start-up.

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