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KB-41148: Configuring the Atlassian Fisheye Application to use Centrify-OpenSSH

Authentication Service ,  

21 September,20 at 04:39 AM

Problem: When using the Fisheye application add a Bitbucket repository, the following error message may be shown:

Unable to clone remote repository: ssh://git@bitbucket.ssc.tsc:7999/ecomm/Image_validation.git [Cloning into bare repository'clone'...,/usr/share/centrifydc/bin/cdcexec: line 19: /usr/share/centrifydc/libexec/cdcexec: No such file or directory, fatal: Could not read from remote repository., , Please make sure you have the correct access rights, and the repository exists.]

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How SSH works in Fisheye:

Fisheye does not bundle any SSH clients and instead relies on what is available in a customer's server infrastructure. For Unix-based systems, this is typically in the form of OpenSSH. When Fisheye attempts to connect to a repository, such as through a Bitbucket Server application link, it uses stock OpenSSH to do so. 


To run Fisheye with Centrify-OpenSSH, please set the JVM argument -Dssh.exe to the path for SSH:

1. Set environment variable FISHEYE_OPTS with the following value:


2. Restart the Fisheye application.

3. In Fisheye, navigate to Administration > Sys Info/Support > System Info and check the output under JVM Input Arguments to verify the argument has been set.