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KB-39697: Application fails to install when using Centrify Privileged Elevation

Privilege Elevation Service ,  

18 September,20 at 03:52 PM

Problem: Applications are failing to install with errors about "Insufficient Privileges/Access" or "not an administrator." This may happen when a user or technician is right-clicking the setup.exe file for the application and selecting "Run with Privilege"

Cause: In this particular example, customers have seen the issue when installing Oracle 12c. Getting errors in the Oracle installation logs such as "Current user <username> is not an administrator user."

Troubleshooting has revealed that the user possesses the correct Windows application right, with an administrator account listed on the 'Run As' tab of the application right.

However, a clue is found when getting the dzinfo output from the user. Notice the bottom line of the following output:


Application Criteria:
               Oracle 12c Installer
                  File Type:             EXE
                  File Name:             setup.exe
                  Path:                  C:\winx64_12201_database\database\
                  Require Administrator: No               Oracle SQL*PLUS
                  File Type:             EXE
                  File Name:             sqlplus.exe
                  Path:                  C:\app\%*%\virtual\product\12.2.0\dbhome_1\bin\
                  Product Version:       later than or equal to ''
                  Require Administrator: No

Solution: To get this output to say "Yes", please go to the Access Manager console and locate the Windows application right that provides the admin access. (ZoneName > Authorization > Windows Right Definitions > Applications) and open the properties page of the application right.

Go to the match criteria tab and choose Edit

User-added image

Then place a checkmark next to "Application requires administrative user" as shown below.

User-added image

The setting should take effect within 8 hours or the "dzrefresh" command can be run to make it take effect right away.