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KB-36199: Privileged Access Service 20.3 Web Apps Support

Privileged Access Service ,  

16 June,20 at 03:39 PM

The Centrify Privilege Access Service provides capabilities to secure administrator’s access to applications through single sign on, multi-factor authentication and mobility management. Please refer to in our product documentation to learn more.

Centrify catalog contains applications geared towards IT administrator function such as
•             Amazon Web Services (SAML)
•             Cloudera Manager
•             Cloud Lock
•             Confluence Server
•             Dome9
•             JIRA cloud
•             JIRA server (on-premise)
•             Palo Alto Networks
•             Service Now
•             Splunk
•             Sumo Logic

As part of Centrify’s spin-off of its application and end point business in January 2019, the Web apps for Centrify no longer support the Apps and End Point centric apps in the catalog. This was previously communicated and documented as

With the release of 20.3, customers using these unsupported apps should expect some changes.
  • All web applications, except provisioning/de-provisioning apps, currently deployed will continue to function.
  • Web applications with provisioning/de-provisioning capabilities such as Salesforce, Workday, Office 365, are not supported by Centrify. Any such applications set up in the Centrify portal will cease to work with the 20.3 upgrade.
  • Web applications that are no longer part of Centrify app catalog or not configured using one of the custom app templates, will be marked as unsupported. These applications will have a visual indicator as below
***This app is discontinued and may cease to function in future releases. If deleted it cannot be added again. If the app contains stored credentials, please export them via the actions menu and store in a safe place.***

These unsupported applications can be launched via the Actions menu (or workflow-based Request to launch, if configured via the application’s Workflow tab) and will continue to function.  Once deleted, these web apps if not available in the Centrify catalog, and can no longer be added back. Modifications to these web apps or future Centrify releases may also cause it to stop functioning.

For any unsupported apps that have embedded credentials (user password apps), new actions will be available where applicable to allow users to copy the credentials:

User-added image

‘Show Credentials’, shows the app credentials in clear text.  This action will only be available to users who can add/update credentials of the app.