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KB-35701: After renaming zone in Access Manager, zone role workflow in the tenant still references the old zone

Privileged Access Service ,  

15 June,20 at 05:28 PM


After renaming a zone in Access Manager, zone role workflow roles in the tenant still shows the old zone name.  How can those be updated to reflect the new zone name?

In the example below, in Access Manager, zone Department_Name was renamed to ProdZone,

User-added image

But in the tenant under Resources -> Domains -> centrifyimage.vms -> Zone Role Workflow, it still shows the roles with the old zone name, Department_Name.

User-added image


In order to get the new zone name in the zone role workflow roles, remove the existing roles and re-add the roles and they will have the new zone name in the roles.

Remove roles with old zone name:

Click on the roles with the old zone name in them, click Actions and then Delete.

User-added image

Re-add the roles with the new zone name:

Click Add.

User-added image

Find the roles for the zone, and click Add to re-add the roles with the correct zone name.

User-added image

The roles now show the correct zone name, ProdZone.

User-added image