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KB-3331: Automount GPs will only create a shortcut to the root of the network share

Mac & PC Management Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:11 AM

Applies to: Centrify DirectControl for Mac version 5.1.3 and below with OS X 10.7 and above

If the automount group policies are set to a share path that is several folders deep, the share is mounted successfully, but the shortcut created only leads to the root of the sharepoint instead of the target subfolder.
Multiple duplicated shortcuts may also be created if there are multiple shares configured from the same file server.
- There are two shared folders that a user wishes to automount
- Both folders come from the same network share.
- The "Automount network shares" GP is set up with the following paths:
  • smb://
  • smb:// With Space/ThirdSubTest
- Therefore the expected shortcuts that are created in the "Network Shares" folder on the Desktop should be:
  •   ~/Desktop/Network Shares/ThirdSubTest -> /Volumes/TestShare/SubTest/SecondSubTest/ThirdSubTest
  •   ~/Desktop/Network Shares/ThirdSubTest -> /Volumes/TestShare/SubTest/2nd With Space/ThirdSubTest
- However when the AD user logs in, the only shortcut created in the folder is:
  •   ~/Desktop/Network Shares/TestShare -> /Volumes/TestShare
User-added image

This issue does not exist on OS X 10.6 and below.

OS X changed the way it handled share mounting from OS X 10.7 onwards which directly affected the way the automount group policies detected the path with which to create its shortcuts.
The change affected both the "Automount network shares" and the "Automount user's Windows home" group policies.

Centrify User Suite 2014 introduced a new option to create automount shortcuts as aliases instead of symlinks.

This can also be used to workaround this issue for all versions of OS X:
  1. Update the Mac agent to version 5.1.3-482 or higher. (Run adinfo -v at the Terminal to check the currently installed version)
  2. Go to the GPO containing the Automount group policies and update the GPO template to the latest versions using the following KB:

    KB-2600: How to install new Centrify Group Policies templates for Mac.
  3. Enable the following GP:

    User Configuration / Centrify Settings / Mac OS X Settings / Automount Settings / "Create alias instead of symbolic link"
  4. Go to the target Mac, logout and log back in as an AD user. The network share shortcuts should now appear correctly on the Desktop.


This was fixed in Centrify for Mac agent version 5.2.0

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