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KB-3328: How to check for Licensed Centrify products including Agents that are in use

Auditing and Monitoring Service ,   Mac & PC Management Service ,  

12 April,16 at 11:08 AM

Applies to: Centrify DirectManage 5.1.0 or greater

Is there a way to check how many licenses have been used up? 

Is there a way to know how many agent licenses are in use or how many are left?


Starting with version 5.1.0 of Centrify DirectManage there is now a utility called "Deployment Report" built for the purpose of license reporting and compliance. It can be found in:
  Start > All Programs > Centrify Suite 20xx > Centrify Utilities and Tools

To use Centrify Deployment Report:
  1. Login to a machine with the Centrify DirectManage Access Manager installed and launch Deployment Report from the "Centrify Utilities and Tools" program group.
  2. If the machine is joined to a domain, a default domain controller should appear on the screen. It is also possible to change to a different domain controller as well as the credentials used to connect to the domain. 
  3. Click <Next>
  4. If running Centrify Standard Edition, skip to step #6.
    If running DirectAudit, enter the credentials at the prompt to access this Licensing information as well.
    Click <Next> to continue.  

  5. Choose a DirectAudit installation, choose one and click <Next>.
  6. Either accept the default report name and path or change them and click <Next>.  
  7. Confirm output destination, click <Next>.
  8. When the report completes, the confirmation including the path the report was saved to can be seen.
  9. Review and/or distribute the report as appropriate.  
Alternatively, right-click on the top level of Centrify DirectManage Access Manager console and choose "Manage licenses" to quickly view license information. However this is not as complete as the report and is mainly intended for spot checking. 
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