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KB-3242: sctool commands for Centrify smart card support

Mac & PC Management Service ,  

31 December,20 at 04:54 PM

Applies to: All versions of Centrify DirectControl


What is the definition of the sctool command and some of its options?


Most frequently used options:
sctool -sTo see the current [s]tatus of sctool (Whether smart card support is enabled or not).
sctool -eTo [e]nable smart card support
sctool -DThis command [D]umps out all the certificates present on the smart card along and whether their attributes match up against AD
sctool -kTo get a new kerberos ticket similar to [k]init

For further detail on these options, see the sctool help by running:

  man sctool

Additional commands:

  sudo rm -rf /var/db/TokenCache/tokens/*

(Clears the smart card token cache of previously inserted smartcards.)

  sudo sctool -r -t ocsp:none -t crl:best -p crl  

(Disable the OCSP check and set CRL to "Best Attempt".)

  sudo sctool -r -t ocsp:none -t crl:none   

(Disables both OCSP and CRL checking.)

For further detail on how these commands are used in troubleshooting smart card issues, please see the following KB: Note : Smartcard login for Mac OS 10.15 and newer Mac OS versions is not supported by Centrify