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KB-3211: How to remove ADFS after migrating Office 365 to Centrify

App Access Service ,   App Gateway Service ,  

27 February,17 at 04:51 PM

Applies to: Centrify Identity Service

How can ADFS be removed after successfully migrating Office 365 to Centrify? 


Removal of the ADFS environment is an optional step and will not break anything as long as there are no other services using ADFS. It can be removed by uninstalling from the Windows Control Panel. A typical ADFS setup for Office 365 includes a couple of proxies and an ADFS server "farm" in addition to ports being opened in the firewall for ADFS proxies.  It is important to remember to also perform these extra steps of decommissioning extra hardware, closing ports, etc.

The steps below can also be used as a method of manual verification of the federated status and the ADFS to Centrify migration.

Run the following commands in PowerShell:
get-msolfederationproperty –domain
get-msolDomainFederationSettings –domain

Look in the Centrify for Office 365 app configuration > Application Settings > Office 365 Domains section and see that the Federated status matches the PowerShell output above.

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